Thursday, 21 September 2017

Accenture Hour of Code


As I walked through the revolving doors, I went to sit down on a sofa, i needed to take a breath. The interior of the building was amazing and so gorgeous. There was about 6 elevators that just showed me, that there's about thousands of people working in this organisation. Me and my classmates went into the elevators we needed 2 elevators to get us to floor 12 there was about 26 floors. Even foor 12 was remarkable as well. We all had a little bite, As I walked inside the main office, i felt like a business man. We all introduce each other to the Accenture's, they also introduce themselves to us. We learnt how much they get paid every year.

A man named Daniel was supposed to be on his holiday but he came to meet us and tell us more about himself. Daniel is also apart of the Accenture. He took us on a expedition in the building, we were just on floor 12. He showed us some of his work mates that was currently working at the moment. He also showed us the Gaming Room.

When we got back to the main office we got to work, all the boys beside one was doing codecademy, the girls and one boy was doing photobooth. We all had to have a partner, My partner was Hopoate. Me and Hopoate was doing a code that was about names. As we finished we all had a big feed.

Some careers that you could do at Accenture include technician, code development, web development, app development.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Copy of Hala Term 4 Week 8

this week miss peato maths class has been learning how to solve fractions and addition

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hala Metal Detectors L2/3

WALT: Find the evidence in the text.
This week my reading group has been reading metal detectors. What is a metal detector, a metal detector is a long pole that's pointing to the ground. A metal detectors help's you find good money and rubbish.