Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Where the camp is-the camp is at kawau island
What activities are there-sport,adventure playground,raft making,fishing,swimming,walking
What you are most  looking forward to and why-the bombing so i can get good in bombing

Monday, 4 November 2013


Once upon a time there lived a boy called Jack and he was a farmer boy and he always like to play hiding go seek.One day Jack was play hiding go seek  with his brother Hine and Hine likes playing rugby.

Jack said to Hine that they should play hiding go seek and Hine said “ok” Jack but don’t go to the pin because there are lots of sheep “ok” Jack said “I know just count” Hine counted to thirty and Jack was hiding in the pin shed with the sheeps and Hine was looking and looking for Jack.

Jack got hit by the sheep and the sheep foot hitted on Jack’s legs jack said Help help  
In a quiet voice.But now one could hear him so Hine didn't cheek the pin shed so Hine ran to the pin to look for Jack.Then Hine got there and Hine found jacks shoes and Hine found Jack on the corner and Hine lifted Jack and took him inside the house.

Hine got the phone and rang the ambulance and the ambulance came as fast as they could so the ambulance came inside the house and put dressing on his leg and Jack was all better know.