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hala Plastic Bags by Andre Ngapo, School Journal Part 3. Number 1 2011

Plastic Bags by Andre Ngapo, School Journal Part 3. Number 1 2011
WALT: Show our comprehension of the text by identifying the key occurrences.
Success Criteria: I can identify the key occurrences in the text.

Referring to the image on the first page what does the expression on the boys face tell us? I think the teacher ask a question and he didn't know what was the answer and thats why he is running away or a bully said he gonna get killed by him
What do you think might happen to him in the story?He is a new kid and he want’s to go home because someone in the class called him names.

What do you think the title has to do with the story?He hate plastic bags and he afraid the the teacher going to take out a plastic bag

Why does Miss Anderson think Trent has been mucking about?That he been talking too much and doesn't listen to the teacher when she tell the student something in writing or reading or math’s

Why do you think he was dizzy as he went out of the classroom?That trent trip on a jersey and spend around for a couple of will and he fell on the ground and got dizzy then he ran out of bounds.

What were the differences between Huia and Trent’s bags and Jason’s? What do you think about the reason for the differences?Trent and Huia only had plastic it was the same colour plastic bag it was colour white bag and Jason had a real bag colour purple.

What did Trent expect to happen when he went to the principal’s office?
Mrs Mcneil, the principal, doesn't want to discuss his bad behaviour at class

How do you think Trent felt when he found out the real reason for going to the principal’s office?That he was getting dessert from his friend’s and talking when he shouldn’t.

How do you think Trent felt at the end of the story, why?
I think that he feels great because he has a friends and he go to go to a competition and the competition is about maths.

Have you ever been really hungry? How did it make you feel?
i get hungry sometimes when i come back from trainings and school that’s the only way i get hungry.

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