Thursday, 31 July 2014

Unique Game Task Term 3 2014

                      How To Play Touch Rugby

GENERAL: 5 to 14 years old to play touch rugby. You can wear any shoes but you can't wear boots, bare feet and jandals. There can be only twelve players to play. Teams are mix.

SCORING: You have to place the ball under the goalpost or next to the goalpost. If you got touch you are a dummy so that means that you can’t get a try.

PASSING: If you get touch you need to pass the ball to your team mates. If you don’t know how to pass the ball you can just pass the ball any way you want it to.

TAP: when you get touch you have to tap the ball like

ROLL THE BALL: when you get touch you have to roll the ball under your leg but one of your feet have to roll it but you can’t roll with your hand.

TOUCH: If someone touch you your touch.

TOUCH AND PASS: If someone touches you and you pass it in the same time you have to roll the ball on the floor to the team.

THE DUMMY HALF: when you get touch you have to roll the ball between your leg the half back takes the ball and pass the ball to anyone but it have to be in his team.

OFFSIDE / ONSIDE: If the half back or dummy half didn't pick up the ball and the other team runs to touch the half back he’s offside and the other team moves 10 meter back there onside.

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