Thursday, 3 December 2015

Copy of Hala Term 4 Week 8

this week miss peato maths class has been learning how to solve fractions and addition

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hala Metal Detectors L2/3

WALT: Find the evidence in the text.
This week my reading group has been reading metal detectors. What is a metal detector, a metal detector is a long pole that's pointing to the ground. A metal detectors help's you find good money and rubbish.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hala's Shopping At The Puma Store

The puma store in dressmart were having a 70% off clearance sale. I bought 3 hoodies, 2 pants and a pair of shoes that came up to a total of $420. What is 70% off this? How much would i need to pay?

Hala's L1 Set S1 Text

ITEM 1 ON THE KERB Paul sat on the kerb. “He does this every time we go for a long walk,“ said Margaret. “I remember how you were just the same when you were his age,” Joyce replied, sitting down beside the boy. “I think your mother has forgotten what it can be like. Here, let your Grandma rub your feet for you
a. Why do you think Paul sat down on the kerb? because he always goes for a long walk. 
b. Who is Paul’s grandmother? I t the lady that is rubbing paul's feet.

 ITEM 2 THEIR PLAN Diane and Jimmy wanted a real tree for Christmas this year. They wanted their house filled with the smell of a pine forest, and they thought real trees looked better than fake ones. Not far from where they lived, Mr Bain grew a few small pine trees. They made a plan. Under the cover of darkness they set out carrying a torch and a handsaw. Before long they had what they had come for. Holding one end each they headed for home. They were almost back at their own gate when they were caught in the glare of a car’s tights. It was Mr Bain's car and it was coming slowly up the road. To their relief he drove on by.
a. What was their plan? to saw the pine tree so they can have a real Christmas tree. 
b. Why were they relieved?because Mr Bain went past Diane & jimmy. 

 ITEM 3 VET CHECK “The cat's been sick again,” reported Cindy. “That's the third time this week. Something's not right. But at least she's still eating her meals.” The i arge cat was now sleeping in a patch of sunlight on the floor. “I don't think she's dying," said George, “but We’ll take her to the vet to check.” "No, it's not normal,” the vet told them. “Leave her with me and I'll find out what's wrong." They went back the next day, fearing the worst. He had checked the cat for everything he could think of. He’d taken blood tests and given x-rays. “There is a serious problem,” the vet said. They stood quite still. “You have a greedy cat. She eats far too much. Take her home and only feed her once a day."
 a. Why was the cat sick? she was a greedy cat that ate too much food. 
b. Why did they stand still? there was a serious problem.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

What Does Paraphrasing Mean

'Hello my name is hala' and I am going to tell you what does paraphrasing means, paraphrasing means when you read a book or story you need to make your words into your on words and paraphrasing doesn't mean to write what does the story already says.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Copy of hala PES Addition Pyramid

how I got the answer?

i first started to do:
then i kept on doing it until i got 92 as the answer

Friday, 13 March 2015

Hala Using Commas

Using commas

The fish and chips, which Mum had picked up on her way home from town, tasted delicious.

In the sentence above, the words in between the two commas give us extra information.  These words could be left out and the sentence would still make sense.

In the story below there are some groups of words that give extra information.  Your task is to put commas (,) around the extra information.  The first pair of commas has been put in for you.

As soon as the bell rang Rawiri, who couldn't wait to read his new comic book, raced out the door.   When he got home, he found to his surprise a police car parked ,in the driveway. Rawiri’s mother who had been, out shopping had arrived home to find the bathroom window smashed and ,many of their belongings missing.  Their house had, been ,burgled.  Rawiri couldn't believe his eyes, when he saw the ,state of his room.  His comic books which, he’d left neatly stacked were ,scattered all over the floor.  His piggy bank, in which he’d put most of his pocket money had been smashed and left lying in pieces ,on the floor.  But the worst thing of all was that his rugby ball the one signed by Jonah Lomu was gone.  ,Rawiri sat down ,and cried.